Daily Skincare for the Winter

photo credit: www.dailybeautyhack

Fall is ending and it’s time to prepare for winter by adjusting your daily skincare.  The holidays make everyone in a better mood and even have more patience.  However, your skin may not be quite so generous during the cold months.

You need to hydrate to keep your skin to keep it happy.The cold temperatures can cause your skin to dry up real quick, but there are ways you can keep it hydrated during the harsh winter months.

The first step to hydration is eating healthy. You need to avoid fast food and foods with too much sodium in order to keep your skin healthy. Certain supplements, such as omega-3 fish oils, can also help keep your skin hydrated as well as do wonders for your hair, joints, and nails.

Oils, moisturizers, creams, moisturizing cleansers, and body balms are your closest companions for the winter. Be sure to use them daily from head to toe without fail.  And of course don’t forget your sunscreen.  Even in the winter, you need to protect your skin from UV rays.

If you keep these winter skincare tips in mind, you can make it through the winter without dry chapped skin.  This way you will look your best throughout the holiday season.

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Do this every day for hydrated winter skin