Changing Seasons Mean it's Time to Change Your Beauty Routine

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The seasons are changing, and that means it’s time to change your beauty routine.  During the winter season, your skin tends to lose its natural glow. In order to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant despite the bitter cold, cosmetologists got together to share a few skincare tips.

First, since the coldness of the winter deprives your skin of the moisture it needs to remain soft, apply two layers of moisturizer instead of one- but make sure the moisturizer is not too heavy for your skin needs.  Apply a layer of bio oil to your skin daily in order to nourish your skin with a protective layer.

Make sure you are not using very hot water because it tends to dry out your skin.  It essentially strips your skin of its natural oil. And finally, avoid exfoliating too frequently, and when you do exfoliate, use gentle solutions instead of hard ones, to avoid causing damage your skin.

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Checklist for skin care during winter season