Beware: Possible Sunscreen Mistakes

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You may think you are protecting yourself with SPF 50, but there may be some everyday sunscreen mistakes you are making in terms of application, timing, or location that will decrease the efficiency of your sun protection.

We all wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of UV rays. Most of us use sunscreen daily.  However, it may be surprising to know that many of us make some common sunscreen blunders. Whether it be in sunscreen application, timing, or location, it is important to be aware of the most common sunscreen mistakes.

What is one of the biggest blunders when it comes to sunscreen?

If you are not reapplying your sun protection, you are making a huge error.  The sunscreen mistake of thinking your morning application will last the whole day can leave you with no protection by afternoon time.  Nothing is worse than waking up the morning after a day at the beach and seeing and feeling a residual sunburn.

If you favor using spray-on sunscreen, make sure you’re applying an adequate amount so you are getting enough coverage.  It wouldn’t hurt to do a second coat and rub it in.  Don’t spray right into your face.  As an alternative, spray product into your hands and rub on your face and neck.

Your BB cream with SPF does not have a sufficient amount of protection by itself.  It’s great to layer with, but you need a base of at least SPF 30 all over your face and neck to begin with. And don’t forget to protect your mouth.  Your lips need sunscreen as well.

No matter your culture, age, skin tone, or time spent outdoors, this article will help you target your sunscreen mistakes and correct them. Soon you will be using your sunscreen to its full potential. As summer approaches, make the most of your time outdoors while being safe and healthy.

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