Bad Habits Could be Ruining Your Beauty Routine

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Everyone has habits that are not good ones, but what you may not be aware of is that some of them are actually more harmful than others.  If you don’t get a handle on these bad habits sooner than later, you could end up having to expend even more effort to repair damage created by these bad habits.

Did you know that simply drinking from a straw can age you?

This may sound inconsequential, but you need to stop drinking using a straw.  The prolonged puckering of your lips can cause lines on your lips.  This is something that manifests in people who smoke and is sometimes referred to as “smokers’ lines.”  The one thing that will help thwart any lines from forming is to stop doing the action that causes them.

Some of the hair tips include advice regarding how you need to get rid of beauty products for your hair after a year.  The ingredients are likely to break down, which will render them ineffective.  Another great hair tip is to replace your pillowcases frequently because they can cause problems with your skin because of the buildup of dirt and makeup.  This buildup can irritate your skin, and you could end up with a bad breakout on your face.  Along with changing your pillowcase frequently, always wash your face before bed.

Finally, something you may already be aware of, to stop tanning.  You may think that as long as you don’t get a sunburn, you’re fine.  A tan may give off the false sense of being healthy, but it’s not.  When your skin tans, that is actually a symptom that you’ve injured your skin already.  Keep your skin safe by covering with a hat and clothes and use sunscreen throughout the day. Sunscreen is your best anti-aging method.

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