Are Face Wipes Part of your Beauty Routine?

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Face wipes are favored as the most convenient beauty and bathroom product with uses varying from touching up your makeup to cleaning off that smudge of chocolate on your face.  However, don’t use them for a daily face cleanse.  They are good in a pinch but you need to clean your face more thoroughly.

Also, unfortunately, the convenience of face wipes comes with a price.  Face wipes can cause excessive dryness due to the alcohol content, which can worsen wrinkles and can even cause breakouts. These reasons are why experts recommend buying alcohol and fragrance-free wipes.

Are you using face wipes gentle enough for your face?

When you do use face wipes, It is recommended to buy packaging that will seal close after you use them so they don’t dry out.  It is best to not use wipes alone, but rather include other cleansers in your routine to get the best clean.  Wipe very gently on your face with outward movements, especially around the delicate eye area, and then follow up by rinsing with water.  You can see how the simplicity and effectiveness of baby wipes makes them so popular.

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