Amazing Natural Face Masks You Can do at Home

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There are many advantages to using natural ingredients, and food is natural.  If you’ve been looking for an amazing natural face mask you can do at home, there are many to choose from depending on your skin needs.

Have you tried any DIY natural face masks?  

These face masks use a variety of ingredients, like avocado, yogurt, honey, cinnamon, lemon juice, brown sugar, egg whites, oatmeal, banana, and strawberries.

Some of these ingredients, such as honey and coconut oil, give the skin a huge hydration boost, while others, like yogurt, brown sugar, and oatmeal, exfoliate the skin. Some of these face masks help to diminish dark spots, while others, the ones containing egg whites and orange juice, help diminish acne.

One amazing mask is made with avocado, yogurt, and honey.  There is a gentle exfoliation and an increase in hydration using this mask.  Avocado is extremely hydrating, and it also acts as a chemical exfoliant, while the honey gives your skin extra hydration.  Your skin will feel wonderful afterwards.

The brown sugar and coconut oil mask combines two great smells to make an amazingly hydrating as well as exfoliating mask with the delightful smell of a sweet dessert.  Leave the mask on for only ten minutes, and you’ll feel how smooth your skin can be.  And coconut has antibacterial properties which makes it a real favorite.

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