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If you’ve been trying to find a unique gift with all-natural ingredients to give to friends and family, you’ll find many ideas here.  These beauty recipes have wonderful fragrance and allow you to use your imagination.

DIY gifts are more thoughtful and heart-felt than store-bought items. When you create a homemade gift for someone, it lets the person know that you worked hard on it, and it came from the heart.  With a simple mason jar and a few common natural beauty ingredients, you will have a cute and thoughtful gift to offer someone special.

There are many ideas about different projects you can do this season. The author, Jessica Walrack, included the names, ingredients, and instructions of some amazing DIY beauty gift ideas. A favorite is the “candy cane bath bombs”! Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? The ingredients used for all of the recipes are very healthy and natural with no harmful ingredients that would irritate those with sensitive skin.

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DIY beauty recipes that make adorable gifts