A Special Occasion is not the Time to Try New Beauty Treatments

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Every girl wants to look her best for a date or any special occasion, but there are some treatments that should be avoided. A special occasion is not the time to try new beauty treatments.  Some treatments need a few days in order for you to see the benefits, and you need to allow your body time to recover.

A big event is a good justification for wanting to change your appearance. It is for that reason that beauty treatments should be done well in advance and avoided completely if it’s a last minute plan.  Many procedures need time for the benefits to show.

How far in advance of your special occasion should you do your beauty treatments?

For instance, waxing or shaving body hair is not a good idea because it tends to leave red blotches and make your skin feel itchy- especially in the bikini area.  Yes, prior to going out, you may want to wax and shave, but it’s best to do your waxing treatment at least a week before, and then shave at least a couple days prior to the big event.

Have you been wanting to get that killer smile?  Getting your teeth whitened the same day as your big date puts you at risk of extreme sensitivity to temperature and pain.  Also, teeth are the most vulnerable to new stains within 48 hours after getting them whitened.  This can even effect what lipstick you wear.  Do your whitening treatment at least a week prior to the event.

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