A New Way to Remove Makeup

photo credit: www.mashable.com

I think many women will agree that they can get lazy when it comes time to remove makeup at the end of the day.  However, it’s the one skincare step that you can’t leave out if you want to maintain your youthful glow.

Should you use a face wipe to cleanse your face?

A face wipe is going to strip your skin and it will end up feeling dry and uncomfortable. The article’s author tests a product called “The Makeup Eraser” which has become popular as a solution to removing makeup. What makes it unusual is that it doesn’t use harsh ingredients that can dry out your skin.

The Makeup Eraser is said to be soft, effective and gentle on your skin.  All you need to remove your makeup is warm water and the cloth.  Using gentle strokes and no special soap, you can effectively remove your makeup without drying out your skin.  The only drawback seems to be that it needs to be washed after every use.  Also, the cloth can becomes quite stained. This could be especially troublesome if you’re travelling with the product because of the maintenance needs.  However, it is said to last for 1,000 uses.

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Will the Makeup Eraser end your search for the ultimate cleanser?