Life has moments of euphoric inspiration. But, life also has slog-fests, those periods of dearth, when the well-spring is spent. But, there are ways to grease the dry cogs of creativity so that they start to spin anew. Here are some helps. Sometimes, we just need to remember when we rocked. Make yourself a board, virtual, real, 3-D, the point is to list those times you most definitely rocked it. Remember your glory days with the point that you are able to create glory and will do so again. Sometimes, inertia is the result of too much sameness. We need to be refueled by something different. Try a different routine. Go someplace different and explore. Or, explore the allure of a different time period, via cinema, book, or other means. Don’t forget your other senses. Eat a food, you’ve never tried. Use touch or smell to explore something heretofore foreign. Wear a hue you never wear. Take time to clean and organize your space, not to berate yourself for untidiness, or simply to have things look nice, but as a way to clear your runway for takeoff. Lastly, enjoy life and the things you love. Allow yourself to be seduced by those things that pulled your heartstrings before, songs, books, movies etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • When inspiration grows dull, we sometimes need to remind ourselves of our wins to get inspired again.
  • It may be useful to make a board, real, or virtual, with pics and text to remind you of all the times you delivered.
  • Getting out of one’s comfort zone can create inspiration, so try a new clothing color, food, location to explore or time period, via movie, or book.

“Ahead are eight dreamy and practical ways to burn through those creative blocks and link arms with inspiration, no matter how long, hard or boring the road has been.”

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