Making sure one’s Chakra’s are tended to and in line is just as important for emotional and spiritual well being as getting a regular check up to physical well being. Self assessment and practicing things such as Yoga, meditation, mantras, and journaling help make this a smoother process and creates balance between the positive and negative energies within one’s self. Other things that helps are are gemstones, which each one has a certain attribute, as well as herbal oils.

Key Takeaways:

  • To assess your chakras, say your own name softly, over and over again, also calling on your spirit guides to assist you.
  • Let your guides lead you over the map of your entire body, to ascertain where you feel strong and where you feel blockef6, or drained.
  • Gemstones vibrate with the color and energy of specific chakras and can be used to assist in opening and aligning them and healing the areas they represent.

“When your chakras are balanced, your body and mind work in harmony to make you feel elevated, confident, and happy.”

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